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Google is a great place to start for locating websites and blogs that discuss Section 108. The cases and experts discussed above make good search terms. Here are some other search terms, which can be used alone or in combination with one another: library, copyright, law, blog, “section 108,” “17 U.S.C. 108,” photocopying, “scholarly communication,” and “electronic reserve.” Once you have found a useful blog or website, you can also use it to find other sites by following links or reading its “blogroll,” a feature in which bloggers list related blogs. If the site you are interested in does not offer its own search box, remember you can always search an individual site on Google by adding to the search box (or by using the Advanced Search).

Useful websites and blogs:

Columbia University Libraries/Information Services, Copyright Advisory Office Blog

  • This is the blog of Kenneth D. Crews, the director of Columbia University’s Copyright Advisory Office. The posts are very frequently related to Section 108 or issues that a revised Section 108 might cover. The general website, which is mentioned in the Background section, is also very helpful and has a page on Section 108.

Copyright Advisory Network

  • The blog of the Copyright Advisory Network has not been updated since July 2010, but it hosts a wonderful animation of Section 108, the Section 108 spinner.

Law Librarian Blog

  • Law librarians maintain this blog, which is part of the Law Professor Blogs Network. Its editors are Joe Hodnicki, director of the Butler County Law Library (Ohio), and Mark Giangrande, a lecturer and reference librarian at DePaul University Law Library. Searching the blog for “copyright” gives good Section 108-related results.

LibraryLaw Blog

  • Mary Minow and Peter Hirtle maintain this blog about “issues concerning libraries and the law.” Minow is a lawyer, library consultant, and former librarian, and Hirtle is the Intellectual Property Officer for Cornell University Library. Blogposts tagged “Copyright” may be particularly useful.

Scholarly Communications @ Duke

  • This is the blog of Kevin Smith, Duke University’s Scholarly Communications Officer. Posts are tagged with categories listed on the right-hand side of the page, including Libraries and Copyright Issues and Legislation.

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