Library Review: Portland (Maine) Public Library

In March, as part of a vacation that was called “spring” but felt more like winter, I visited Portland, Maine. I went to the public library there, which I often do when I travel, and I took a picture with the idea of writing about it here.

Photograph of Portland (Maine) Public Library

We were there on a fairly cold day (high of 32° F), which might account for the fact that the library was jam-packed. They’re also in the middle of a remodel, and I had the impression that some of the space was unavailable for that reason. Still, I was very impressed, both by the large number of patrons and by the building’s architecture.

The glass portion at the front of the building appears to be a more recent addition to 1960s or 70s building. (My very brief internet research reveals no facts, so this is just a guess.) After a quick walk through the library revealed no empty seats in the quiet area, we settled in the greenhouse-type lobby created by the glass extension. That area had one empty table, and it was not so noisy as to prevent reading, even though the glass was a bit echo-y. (Incidentally, I was reading Jo Baker’s Longbourn, which I highly recommend.)


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