A batch of cookies

Photograph of three play cookies (gingerbread man, lemon square, and linzer heart) made from felt

A gingerbread man, a lemon square, and a linzer cookie, with a side of acrylic felt

A few weeks ago, I had occasion to sew up some presents for a newborn and new big sister. I took the opportunity to make some felt cookies like Dana’s, which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

Play cookies made of felt, arranged on a cooling rack

Please pass the felt milk carton.

I can only claim two very small variations on Dana’s excellent instructions. The batting I had and was planning to use for the lemon squares was comically tall in relation to any of amount of yellow felt. In its place, I used strips of white lace to simulate powdered sugar. If I do this again, I’d like to use wider lace so that one strip covers the entire cookie. You can see that my technique in applying the lace improved between making the lower and upper lemon square in the picture above.

My other innovation was similarly born of necessity. Dana suggests using felt to make the chocolate chips. This proved very difficult for me, so I used one of the fancy stitches on my sewing machine instead. It’s meant to make a series of triangles, so I was careful to sew enough for one triangle, stop, cut the threads, and then sew the next in a new location. When I was done, I moved all the threads to the back, tied knots, and sewed another piece of felt to the front one to cover up the back. (That last part is all Dana.)

For the newborn, I made a pair of double gauze blankets. I’d been wondering what was so special about double gauze, and now I know. It feels marvelous and it was very easy to work with. Can’t wait to sew with it again soon!

Two double-gauze baby blankets

I was really pleased with these colors, especially together. Unfortunately, these blankets went to a warm climate where I doubt there’s much call for two blankets at once.



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