Red, white, and blue baby quilt

This is another quilt I made for a cousin’s baby. It was made in August 2013.

To make the top, I used fairly large (maybe 8-inch?) squares, arranged in a symmetric pattern in a 5×5 grid.

  • Nine of the squares are from my trusty dark blue floral print from Winmil Fabrics (also used in the blue throw quilt, the SF Bay hot pads, etc.).
  • Four are from a gray linen from Sewfisticated.
  • Four are from a red embroidered eyelet from Van’s. (I used most of that fabric to make this skirt.)
  • Four are from a blue & red homespun from Joann’s. I didn’t have quite enough of the homespun fabric, so I pieced on a bit of the navy floral, and I used that as a place to embroider the baby’s initials.

Those fabrics were all scraps from my stash. The remaining four squares, and the back, are from a red synthetic satin with large polka dots, also from Sewfisticated, that was purchased specifically for this project.

Although I quilted the front and back together, I didn’t put any batting in the middle. As I mentioned, this was for a summer baby. And, part of the quilt is polyester. So, I wanted to minimize sweatiness. I bound it with a stiff white binding I purchased at gather here. It is really nice stuff, with a bit of texture to it. White binding was probably not the most practical choice for a baby quilt, but I was in a rush to finish it and had to find something that would match the already-completed top. (This was in the dark days before I started making my own bias tape.)

This baby has two older siblings. For the (then) toddler, I made a crayon roll-up similar to this one, primarily made from the dark blue floral print I used in the quilt. (I didn’t take any pictures of it.) For the (then) middle schooler, I made a zip-top pouch.


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