Red, yellow, and green baby quilt

Here is another (I think the last) unblogged baby quilt, this one made in December 2013.

The front of this quilt is pieced from approximately 4-inch squares of three fabrics: yellow polycotton gingham, lime green cotton with small white polka dots (Robert Kaufman Pimatex Basics, I think), and red cotton with a pattern of green, red, and yellow fruits and birds. I arranged the squares into a symmetric pattern, but I no longer remember how I arrived at it. (I know I didn’t use someone else’s pattern, though I’m sure this pattern has been made before.)

I was in a pinch and couldn’t find cotton batting for the interior, so I used a pre-quilted double-sided fabric as both the batting and the back. The pre-quilted had a nice vine pattern on one side and an okay-but-less-nice scaly pattern on the other. Needless to say, I covered up the scaly side. The pre-quilted material and the other fabrics all came from Sewfisticated.

I quilted the pieced top onto the prequilted back in lines, stitching along each vertical seam of the pieced front. The offset “diamond” grid that you see in the photos is the pre-quilted grid, which doesn’t go through the pieced layer. It did give the whole thing a nice texture when I washed it, though.

For binding, I purchased a watermelon binding that matched some of the fruit in the red print. Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase enough, and when I went back for more, they were out of it. So, I made homemade bias binding out of the fruit fabric to bind the rest of the quilt. (As I recall, I didn’t have enough of the fruit fabric to do the whole thing.) I think this was my first foray into homemade bias binding.

I also made zip-top pouches for the baby’s three older siblings, using some of the fabrics leftover from the quilt and some from my stash.


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