Fair use quiz

In spring 2013, I created a basic quiz on fair use for the students in my section of CopyrightX. When I entered the quiz into a Google Form for use by this year’s students, I saw it would be easy to make a public copy, so I thought I would do that and post it here.

Here is my quiz on fair use.

It is a simple multiple choice quiz designed to help students review their understanding of fair use. It asks them how each of the subfactors “tilts” in the fair use analysis. After each question, the quiz displays the right answer and indicates whether the student answered correctly.

I’ll say again that this is only a superficial assessment of someone’s fair use knowledge — it’s a starting point, rather than an ending point, for studying the subject. However, I think this basic understanding is very important, which is why I’m sharing the quiz here. I’m also releasing the quiz under a CC-BY 4.0 license (though I think there’s very little there that is subject to copyright protection).

If you spot an error in this quiz, I would like to know about it. Please comment here or send me an email. I’d also love to hear if there are subfactors you think I should add to the quiz.


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